Новые особенности PDM: что он для вас значат

new pdm function

Added Confidence with Insulin Delivery

Both meal bolus and correction bolus are now considered for Insulin on Board (IOB) when the suggested bolus calculator is turned on and being used. This allows you to easily see the amount of insulin still working in your body from previous boluses – and gives you that increased confidence when determining your next bolus dose.

Personalize your PDM for Added Safety – and for Fun

You can now customize your PDM with the new ID screen by adding your name and a background color of your choice.

Because you acknowledge the ID screen each time the PDM is powered on, you can be sure you have the right one before using it.

Increased Wireless Communication

When activating a new Pod, it MUST now be placed to the right of and touching the PDM.

For regular use, the communication distance between the Pod and PDM has increased to within 5 feet. So if you care for a child with diabetes, you now have more flexibility in where you can deliver a bolus, or adjust a basal or bolus program.